The Daily Exhaustion Special Special Edition

The Daily Exhaustion Special Special Edition

1000 EUR

special special edition (10)

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newspaper-zine + five 20 X 30 C prints on metallic Fuji paper
signed and dated in handmade cardboard box with text available in yellow or lilac-purple

Concept, design, text and images by Anouk Kruithof
Self published in collaboration with Kodoji press

English, 2011

The newspaper has further evolved in the ‘special special’ edition, where Anouk Kruithof takes the aspect of exhaustion to another level. Five new photos of the cover of the newspaper are taken, layered with portraits from the newspaper they turn into abstract images. Recycling is an element that often plays a role in her work. These 5 new images are literally and figuratively layered and turn the state of exhaustions into an abstract thought.